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Cesare Mattei's medicine


The Electrohomeopathy is a medical therapy founded by Count Cesare Mattei. It is based on a combination of homeopathic-like granules (made only with combinations of non-toxic herbs) and "electrical" fluid loaded in order to restore the balance between the electrical polarity of the human body and bring the painful part to a neutral state. The original remedies were prepared using simple herbal ingredients, but their healing power comes from a process for preparing kept secret by the Count and still unknown. It 'was the alternative medicine most practiced in the world between 1860 and 1950. The official production of Venturoli family ceased in 1968, but today it continues to be practiced in various parts of the world. The remedies are produced based on different methods of spagyric type based on the fact, not been discharged, that the secret had been revealed to two Mattei collaborators: Dr. Theodor Krauss in Germany, which began an independent production founding the JSO Werk, (today "JSO Arzneimittel") and Father Augustus Muller in India, who supervised for years and successfully lepers in Mangalore, where today there is a museum and a university named after him.

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